3 is No Longer a Crowd! OpeMed Install New Changing Places Toilets

As accurate as the phrase may often be, in this case 3 is no longer a crowd! – this case being the recent installations of 3 Changing Places Toilets in Southside and Royal Priors Shopping Centres and Colchester Hospital respectively.

3 is No Longer a Crowd! OpeMed Install New Changing Places Toilets

Southside Shopping Centre

The shopping centre, following extensive refurbishment works, now includes a Changing Places toilet featuring the OpeMed OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist and a Ceiling Mounted XY System, Nivano Changing Table and PR4950 Height Adjustable Washbasin.

Southside can now boast the first Changing Places facility in Wandsworth. This is a crucial step for such a populated area of the Capital, providing safe and suitable toilets for any and every need of the users. It allows shoppers with a disability to be able to enjoy a full day out without worries over the adequacy of the toilet facilities, as well as those in the local area.

Southside General Manager, Neil Churchill said: “It has always been very important to us that Southside is an integral part of the community and that we provide facilities that meet our customers wants and needs. We understand that a customer’s experience with us includes all aspects of their visit, including the standard of facilities available. We want to make sure their visit with us is as comfortable as possible.”

Southside Shopping Centre Changing Places

Royal Priors Shopping Centre

Based in Leamington, the Changing Places toilet at Royal Priors was officially opened on the 12th by former MP Chris White and campaigners Emily Naismith and Francesca Anker, who had fought for the inclusion of such a facility.

Ensuring the local disabled community can thoroughly enjoy a day of shopping knowing they can use facilities designed for their needs, the Changing Places loo is a crucial and very welcome addition.

The Changing Places also showcased a beautiful and bright mural across the length of the wall, furthering the welcoming and friendly ambience for families and vulnerable visitors.

Royal Priors Shopping Centre Changing Places

Colchester Hospital

Last, but not least, Colchester Hospital installed a Changing Places located in the Gainsborough Wing. Placed in prime position to help and support those in the local area and visitors of the hospital, it is open 24/7 and includes an OT200 Ceiling Hoist mounted on a room covering XY system, Height Adjustable Nursing Bench 3000 and Height Adjustable Washbasin.

All of this equipment is designed to enable disabled people to use the toilet with as much ease and dignity as able-bodied people; to offer a clean and safe space for them, their families and carers.

Lynda Kitching, matron for main outpatients, said: “We are really pleased that we’ve been able to open the hospital’s first Changing Places toilet in Gainsborough Wing. They are vitally important to thousands of people across the UK who are unable to use a standard accessible toilet, and provide much more space for individuals and their carers, as well as equipment to help them use the facilities safely, comfortably and with dignity.”

If you would like to discuss your Changing Places project with us please contact us on 01252 758 858 or email info@opemed.net and one of our advisors will be happy to assist.

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