Bariatric Handling

 OpeMax 500 Floor Hoist

The OpeMax 500 Floor Hoist is a compact yet versatile passive lifter. The unique self-balancing cradle ideal for sitting the user up and lying down with minimal handling. The cradle has a flexible double joint, which enables easy sling attachment and ensures the user is always at their natural point of gravity.

The curved design ensures that the user can rotate 360° without making contact with the hoist unit. The Passive Lifter has powered opening and closing legs operated via a rugged hand control. The choice of 3 spreader bars that can be changed depending upon the user, making the OpeMax 500 a flexible solution.


Hoist Lift from Floor Patient Hoist lift onto bed OpeMax 500 Floor Hoist








The OpeCT190 is a bariatric height adjustable changing table for clients up to 190kg. The changing table includes a stainless steel frame and travel range of just under 900mm, which includes collection from the floor, significantly reducing the risk of carer back injury.


The changing table is fixed to both the wall and floor for maximum strength in supporting users up to 190kg.

The OpeCT190 changing table folds up neatly against the wall when not in use. The “tidy away” function is ideal for a wet-room or bathroom with multiple users or limited space.


Downloadable Product Guide: The OpeCT190 Guide

Bariatric Ceiling Hoist

The OT400 Bariatric Hoist offers a moving and handling solution for users up to 400kg. The Bariatric Hoist saves transfer time, provides dignity, provides better positioning and reduces the number of carers needed.

Key features of the OT400 Bariatric Ceiling Hoist include a single motor, automatic recharge whenever in use, emergency lowering, eight hook spreader bar fixing, thick lifting strap, handheld controller, range of track and accessories for any room configuration.

The OT400 can be installed in virtually any setting as a stand alone gantry or a permanent installation. The Hoist is suitable for multiple users and works in combination with our Bariatric Slings and other Slings in the market. OpeMed can provide a free no obligation survey and CAD drawings as well as specialist technical advice on any questions you may have.

YouTube Video: Why Ceiling Hoists?


OpeMax 880 Bariatric Patient Lift

The OpeMax 880uniquely is the only bariatric patient lift system with a powered multi-directional drive wheel. This drive wheel system provides effortless repositioning of the hoist as it automatically reduces the power to assist in correctly positioning the hoist. The system requires significantly less carers than a standard model as the hoist operates via 8 fixing points and an XL spreader bar for a larger coverage, the curved design of the OpeMax 880 enables a pick up from the floor and lift onto high surfaces. This hoist model features a double actuator system for power and double front castors to prevent sinkage, plastic leg protectors are also fitted to minimize damage and risk of cross infection.

We offer a full free of charge design consultancy, technical assistance and installation service to all of our customers.


Downloadable Product Guide: Coming Soon

YouTube Video: OpeMax 880 Bariatric Lifting System

Bariatric Toilet Seat

The OpeMed Bariatric Toilet Seat is an adjustable, stable, free-standing seat that sits above the toilet, providing 444kg/ 70st/ 980 lbs of support. A standard toilet will only support a maximum of 125kg/ 20st/ 280lbs, and any more weight is likely to crack or damage the toilet with severe risk of injury. The OpeMed Bariatric WC sits above the pan without any force being applied onto the existing toilet.

The extra large opening is specifically designed for Bariatric patients and has a shelf at the front that assists in washing and insures there are no spills. The stainless steel adjustable legs are both strong and rust-proof. The adjustable legs and rear supports have holes so fixings can be made to the rear wall, if movement of the frame is an issue.

The seat itself is made from a specially constructed reinforced frame that can be autoclaved or pressure washed. The design is extremely stable and ideal for lateral transfers when weight will be applied to one side or corner of the seat. The Bariatric Seat adjusts so it stands just above the toilet pan, so no weight is applied to the toilet

The OpeMed Bariatric Toilet Seat is a stable, flexible, portable solution to a very real bariatric problem.

Downloadable Product Guide: Bariatric WC Seat

Bariatric Shower Trolley

OpeMed’s Bariatric Shower Trolley range; the OpeSpray Junior and OpeSpray Atlas are dual actuator operated and available in 2.15m and 2.21m in length. The trolley operates via hand control for upwards, downwards and trendelenburg and features a 90° lock for the head and foot rail. These bariatric shower trolleys are commonly used for transferring and transportation but have been typically useful for changing smaller users as an additional use.


Downloadable Product Guide: The OpeSpray Atlas Guide

YouTube Video: OpeMed Bariatric Shower Trolley